DIGOO HOSA 2G Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System, 433MHz GSM&WIFI Smart Security System DIY Kits, Burglar Alarm With Full Touch Screen,Auto Dial and APP Remote Control

DIGOO Upgrade Version Wireless 2G Home and Business Security Alarm System

DIGOO HOSA 2G Security Alarm System, an intelligent home and business alarm system that  works perfectly with other accessories. It provides full protection to  your entire house,including doors, backyard, hallways, windows,  kitchen, living room, and bedrooms.

We have made great  improvements in APP and accessories pairing, by summing up the  shortcomings of other security systems in the market.

1.  We make the alarm host wifi-enabled, so you can use your phone to  remote control it.

2. Multi-channels real-time notifications sending to your phone via SMS or app push.

3.  Multi-purpose alarm Modes available. A timer for you to set the  arm/disarm status based on your needs. No need for repeated setting.

4.Telephone function, two-way communication, can talk with your family at any  time.If an unexpected emergency happened to your family, you can receive  and answer the phone calls from your family.

Is there anyone can go to set arm/disarm on your alarm system?

NO.1.You can set a password lock, so that people have to know your passsword if they want to enter or set your alarm system

here should be the right step: setting– switch– keypad lock– on

2.You can add the RFID card,people which should have the RFID that can enter the hosa system

【Max to 99 Accessories】Note:the APP name have changed to be : “Easy security”. Work under good network environment, and it just work with 2.4g wifi, not work with 5g. The cell phone and the host need to under the same wifi when it is first time to set up. This alarm system supports up to 99 accessories, Such as gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon dioxide, Effectively prevent any suspicious movement, activity or potential intruder, guard your home 7/24 hours. 【GSM/Wifi Support and Phone Call Function】Note: need 2.4g wifi. This alarm system support different alarm channels(APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intrannet center Alarm to meet diiferent needs).Wifi way:(It just support 2.4g wifi, not 5g). It will push alarm notification via free app when it is triggered. GSM Way: Insert a SIM card into the alarm system and save your phone number on it,then it will send message or call your cell phone when alarm alerts. 【APP Remote Control】: You can remote control home sensors setting, easily to remote arm/disarm all sensors, or set up message and call real-time push notifications setting and view all sensors’ status from APP.Notes for sim card a.SIM card must support GSM (key point) b. The SIM card cannot be encrypted with PIN code (if there is, it can be used to unlock the PIN code on the phone) c. The device has IMEI code, it will automatically activate and identify the SIM card after plug in. 【 Colorful screen and Touch panel Design】Colorful 2.4 Inch TFT Large Digital Display Screen is eye-protected, also has a strong contrast ratio, easily to watch and operate. Touch panel, a good sense of touch feeling, for the old version home system, without the button-broken problem, will offer longer life for you. PS: This alarm system need to plug in power, it just has a back up battery which can last hours in case power off suddenly. 【Tips】It comes with PIR sensor, Door/Window Sensor and Remote Controller. Notes for Wifi connection: 1. Wifi must be 2.4g 2.Phones and devices must run on the same network 3. Smooth Wifi signal 4. The Wifi password cannot have Spaces 5.App must be set to “international” mode(please use email to registaer in). Replacement or Refund Warranty:If you have any issues in using our product, just contact us! Wolifui US Based Customer Service,5 Days a Week(Business Days).

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