ADT Fire Alarm and First Responders Save Oklahoma Family from Burning House

ADT Fire Alarm and First Responders Save Oklahoma Family from Burning House

Watch how a home fire safety plan is important to have in the event your family is in a burning house.

Two homeowners in Norman, Oklahoma had settled into their new home in June and in December a power outlet started a fire.
Mr. Mendicki was unaware and in his home texting his daughter. Soon after he sent his text an ADT security respondent alerted Mr. Mendicki of the fire alarm going off. Mr. Mendicki denied of any fire in the home. As he walked over to the laundry room to disarm the fire alarm. He couldn’t enter the laundry room because the smoke had filled up the room. At that point Mr. Mendicki confirms that there is a fire in his home and the ADT respondent alerts the first responders of the house fire. Mr. Mendicki evacuated his pets and himself. Unfortunately, the cat didn’t make it which is the hardest part. The Mendicki’s family is grateful to be alive and well.

Mr. Mendicki’s neighbors took pictures of the house fire. The pictures provide a visual of how quickly the house burned down, within 2 mins the ceiling had collapsed.
According to the National Fire Protection Association, someone dies from a residential fire every 169 minutes in America.

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