ADT Pulse App & Pulse Portal Interactive

ADT Pulse App & Pulse Portal Interactive

Watch and learn how to manage your security system with the ADT Pulse app.
This short tutorial will walk you through the ADT Pulse interactive app and its capabilities.

Login – Enter your user name and password. Select your server.
To make logging in quick and easy. Setup 4-digit pin.

The first view is the customizable dashboard. This view shows alerts
To view and change the status of your system. Tab each icon to change the system status.

If your Pulse portal is connected to video cameras. You can swipe left or right to view videos from the camera section. For a full screen view tap the expand icon to see a full screen view.
From this section you can record a video clip, take a snapshot and view all the videos in a single location.
To return to the dashboard select the back button on your mobile phone.

The dashboard has easy to select interactive tiles.
The tiles show you the status of devices and services on your security system.
You can activate the alarm system by a press of button.
You can also rearrange the dashboard settings by pressing and holding down the tile and reordering them around.
The status of your system will automatically move to the top of the ADT Pulse app for easy access.
The help section can be found on the dashboard that provides user tips and frequently asked questions to help guide you with any questions you may have.
If you are looking for historical information. You can find the past activity in the activity icon. You can also filter your results by time and device.
Another useful feature is the blue print icon that helps you navigate through out your home. You can view the home view icon for a blueprint of your home and connected devices. Tap the icon to view the devices status. To close the device tab again on the icon to close the section left open. To view a camera simply tap a camera and view all cameras directly from one location.

The last tab in the bottom bar is for any ADT messages. Keep an eye out for updates and alerts. Another quick way to find the menu is by selecting the top left corner menu icon. The menu icon will show you all of the ADT Pulse app features including tutorials, settings and logout buttons.
Access settings to further customize your experience. To adjust your data usage, you can make those changes in the data network section within settings. You can also connect compatible smart devices in the settings section of the Pulse portal app.
You should be all set to use the Pulse portal.
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