Carbon Monoxide Alarm & Detector Protects Family from Toxins

Carbon Monoxide Alarm & Detector Protects Family from Toxins

What how a carbon monoxide leak endangered the Slaven family.
Meet the Slaven family who live in Cimarron, KS. The family of four were cautious of any possible dangers and had a carbon monoxide alarm installed, yet they never imagined that their own lives would be at risk.

The Slaven family was sleeping when lethal levels of carbon monoxide were seeping from a faulty water heater and filling the air in their home. The Slaven family was awakened by their ADT carbon monoxide detector.
The smoke and carbon monoxide detector warned the Slaven family and sent signals to ADT dispatchers who called first responders. The Slaven family was awakened and rescued. The Slaven family will have the opportunity to thank their rescuers.

Did you know? Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic flammable gas formed by incomplete combustion of carbon. According to the CDC, carbon monoxide kills 500 Americans each year and poisons about 50,000 people. It’s estimated only 30% of American households have functioning C/O detectors.
Carbon monoxide is dangerous and every house hold should take precaution of the dangers it can have on people.

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