Fire Alarm Detector Alerted Schoor Family of House Fire

Fire Alarm Detector Alerted Schoor Family of House Fire

Watch how a fire alarm system alerted and helped save the Schoor family from their burning house.
A Rochester Customer Care Center received the signal from the Schoor fire alarm and contacted Barbara, waking her up. She looked around the home and couldn’t find any signs of a fire so she declined a call to 911. Minutes later, another dispatch responder received a fire alert from the front door and the garage door area. Receiving that alarm was Josh Edenfield from Knoxville Customer Care who then spoke with Barbara. This time Barbara agreed to have the fire department come because she saw smoke in the home.

After that call, Barbara desperately tried to wake up her 85-year-old husband to alert him of the house fire. Barbara struggled to wake her husband but was finally able to get him out of bed. They both escaped as the home was quickly engulfed in flames.

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