Home Alarm System Helps Save Katie Anderson

Home Alarm System Helps Save Katie Anderson

Watch how Katie Anderson’s life was saved by her alarm system. Every nine seconds in America, a woman is either assaulted or beaten.

In March, it happened to Katie Anderson in her home. She believes her alarm system and a quick response from police helped save her life after being attacked for 90 minutes.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 33% of California women and 27% of California men experience intimate partner physical violence in their lifetimes.

Katie meets ADT’s employees who monitored her home alarm system which helped save her life. Katie shares her powerful story to bring awareness to domestic violence. She personally thanks her rescuers.
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Meet other ADT customers whose lives have been saved by simply having a home alarm system. Visit our LifeSaver Stories page, https://www.adt.com/reviews/


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